As part of our new build snagging and inspection service we cover all aspects of your new build home. We will check your home externally and internally, we check the garage if there is one, we check lighting, plumbing and even gas emmissions from any boilers, your gardens, driveways, paths and more.  We can also do fire barrier inspection, insulation inspections, thermal imaging surveys, intrusive inspections and even fly our drones over your home (subject to Civil Aviation Authority approval) to check your roof and the location of your home against site plans.

In this instance on this customer’s new build snagging and inspection report we found amongst other things that the beautiful kitchen with lovely stone worktops unfortunately has been poorly fitted with the top bar of this carcass badly warped. Unfortunately it comes as no surprise as these are the kind of things we see over and over again with our new New Build Snagging and Inspection surveys.